What’s Up with Russia

The past few weeks have been dominated by a flurry of news surrounding Russia’s involvement with email leaks and how they intended to influence the election. If you still aren’t entirely sure of what the fuck is going on, here it is briefly:

Russia has almost definitively (definitive unless your Donald Trump) attempted to influence the election in support of Trump by hacking and releasing emails. While U.S officials have said both parties may have been under attack, “Democratic institutions and operatives came under a more sustained and determined online assault.” What is definitely clear, however, is the emails released came from the DNC and Hillary’s former chairman of the presidential campaign John Podesta. If you want to see the emails for yourselves here are the DNC emails and here are the Podesta emails. However, for a succinct look at the biggest impact emails, visit The Washington Post’s recap on the most damaging DNC emails, Heavy.com’s List of Most Revealing Messages and DailyMail.com’s What Clinton’s adivser’s really think about her.


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