How Should Russia’s involvement in WikiLeaks change our perception of Clinton and Trump?

It shouldn’t.

I guess that isn’t much of an article so I’ll explain.

Now I would unequivocally assert that any foreign entity’s involvement in a U.S election is troubling. However, the illicit discovery and release of these emails does not make the content any less true. The motivations of the Russians do not affect the validity of the material and thus the emails should be taken into consideration when looking into Clinton’s character. As I’ve seen in the news, “Russia didn’t create DNC scandals, they just exposed them.”

Just as an aside and with foresight into potential counterpoints to this statement, I will say this view is dependent on the assumption that the material was not tampered with by the Russians. Barring new evidence pointing to the contrary, I believe the emails to be untampered with.

Despite the name of this website I am not trying to assert an opinion about what the released emails reveal about Clinton, but instead to encourage the forming of an educated opinion through holistic investigation, and including the WikiLeaks emails in one’s investigation is imperative.

But since this is The Opinionated Man and I have an inflated since of self-importance, I will give you my opinion anyways. My perception of Hillary Clinton is less than favorable, but I actually do not believe any of the emails to be particularly damning of Clinton’s campaign. While they do provide some unflattering insight into her character and sometimes deceitful tactics, in my opinion there is nothing overtly defamatory. The emails seem to reinforce what is already the current rhetoric for many Trump supporters, which is Hillary is a congenital liar. The WikiLeaks emails did not drastically change my view of Clinton, but I was not particularly enthused about either candidate to begin with. I tend to still agree with a focus group from UPenn who says “Hillary Clinton [is] a ‘liar’ and Donald Trump is America’s ‘drunk uncle.”

With Trump now the President-elect the development of Russia’s involvement provides little relevance on the actual election, and in my opinion, does not change the validity of Trump holding office. In response to the uncovering of the WikiLeaks sources, our focus should be solely on Russia’s intentions of trying to undermine and influence the democratic process. The nation’s priorities should lie in understanding the motivations of the Russians and developing security measures to combat hacking and the influence of foreign entities in the future.


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